I've got my Permanent Voters Card. So I can vote. I was the last in line at 4pm on a Monday afternoon, and I left behind people who were frustrated because their cards had not been found, as the INEC staff vented their frustrations about not having materials, not having time, and not being paid.

At the end of the day, I got my Voters Card. That doesn't sound so difficult, right? Unfortunately, millions of people are confused, uninformed, misinformed, or exasperated about/with the process. From workers not being equipped properly to electoral staff/ad-hoc workers not showing up at all, to delays in disbursing the voters cards, there are real, valid fears that millions will be disenfranchised, and come February 2015, a major chunk of eligible voters won't be able to vote.

In a system causing more frustration and confusion than anything else, many can't help but wonder what's going to happen when the time comes to vote in another set (or the same set) of people to lead a country rife with problems too complicated to delve into.

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