Season's greetings to you all. It's been an odd kinda Christmas for me.

As much as I'm grateful for the successes of the year, it's also extremely difficult to think of all the places and people in the world for whom Christmas isn't so merry. To help spread the Christmas cheer, I was happy to have taken part with a small group of people in something we call "Santa Goes to Yola"

Yola, for my non-Nigerian friends, is the capital of Adamawa, a Northeastern state. It's "home" to tens of thousands of people who have been forced out of neighboring states due to terrorist attacks from Boko Haram. Click here for some images of the camp and read more about it here.

It's impossible to do something for everyone, but we wanted to give the younger ones (0-19 year olds) something to smile about. The numbers kept rising as the days went by, but we were able to make it work, thanks to people's generosity, donating items and money, as well as their time to help us pack the gifts. Here's a short video of us working:

If you'd like to see more pictures, you can check out the official Twitter handle, and here's to Christmas and New Year cheer for us all :)