Hi guys! Apart from my TV and documentary work, I recently started writing for Accelerate TV, an infotainment blog inspired by Access Bank. I'll be writing a monthly blog for them titled "Diary of a Young Lagosian" 

Here's an excerpt from my first article:

"Hi, I’m Lamide and I’m an honorary Lagosian. I say honorary because technically I’m not from an old Lagos family (calm down, Lagos Islanders!), but as I was born here and have lived here for more than half my life, I claim it fully; perks and all. In fact, some days I struggle to think of the perks; I remember a Lagos that wasn’t so chock-full of cars,  people, places, churches and most of all, of mayhem.

So here’s my opinion: Lagos needs to become uncool. That’s frankly the only way I see we have to manage the craziness we experience here day to day."

Please read the rest of the article here, and let me know what you think!