We're FINALLY almost at the end of the 6 week postponement of our elections here in Nigeria. 1 week till the Presidential/House of Assembly elections and 3 weeks till the Governorship/State House of Assembly elections, I'm just ready to vote and move on!

This election season seemed so long and bitter, and between businesses being in limbo, the Naira seriously losing value, and every single surface being covered in posters, and those political ads, it's been interesting as a journalist, but frustrating as a citizen.

So I wrote about it on my blog over at Accelerate 

Here's an excerpt:

It has been a full on bombardment of the senses...There has been no surface left behind, no billboard left untouched, and no pole left without a colorful poster. Grinning faces, party slogans and punchy catchphrases are all over Lagos streets. You can’t escape them, and goodness knows I’ve tried. I never thought I’d miss the sight of plain concrete walls until I could no longer see them with their often misspelled messages proclaiming “This building is not for sale” or “Don’t urinate here” among other things.

I’m sure not everyone’s as annoyed as I am; after all, the magical elves who post up several layers worth of posters in the dark of night must be raking it in - to them, every blank surface is a glaring example of a job not well done. Same for the printers and composers, and the many others who are undoubtedly, as is the Lagos way, finding a way to get whatever they can, however they can, from the situation. Such is the Lagos hustle.

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