Hi guys,

When I'm not busy shooting my TV show, or in pre-pro for a documentary, I occasionally write an article for other websites, so here's an excerpt from my article for Tastemakers, a mobile app and content platform for finding and buying hip experiences on the continent. This is definitely not your average "travel to Africa" website. It truly celebrates Africa in the best way possible.

So, they asked me to write about some good places to eat in Lagos that were atypical or "off the beaten path" and I had to include a couple of places I like, like Glover Court & Jevinik.

Here's a snippet:

One of the cool things about Lagos is that new things pop up every day, bringing modernity and “the West” to West Africa. Despite that, we still keep the ‘Naija flavor” close to our hearts, which is why, as much as I enjoy a trip to one of our malls with all the foreign stores (Inglot, Mac, Mango, etc – yeah, you see where my priorities are, right?), I also love to hold onto our culture in different ways – particularly when it comes to food.

Lagos has everything from the fancy restaurants to a massive street food culture. You can’t come to Lagos and not check out the legendary Glover Court Suya,

Full article here. Let me know what you guys think, or if I missed anything out!!