And finally the day of Nigeria's Presidential and National Assembly elections came. As expected, there were a number of complications throughout the day. From malfunctioning card readers, electoral officials showing up hours late (in my area, they didn't show up until about 11am, but in other areas, some allegedly didn't get to their Polling Units till 2pm or later), to voting materials (ballot papers) not being released, it was definitely a confusing day for some. However, other areas recorded a smoother process, even though it was still slow.

Here are some of my tweets and a short clip from my #VotingDiaries as #NigeriaDecides

If nothing else, today was an exercise in resilience, perseverance and national pride. Despite the challenges and the frustration they caused, I saw and heard reports of people waiting all day to make sure their votes were cast, and for those (like me) whose voting has been postponed until tomorrow, many are going the extra mile to protect their votes and ensure the process goes smoothly tomorrow.

I'm hopeful that this is growth in the people's consciousness, and that there will be a positive movement out of all this, no matter the winners.