Part 1 of Nigeria's election is finally over. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari will be the new sheriff in town come May 29. It was a tough battler, and I'm glad we can now begin to look forward to a new era. What we do know for certain is that it's going to be a tough road. I've repeatedly said that I don't envy the mammoth task he has now inherited, but I think I join many Nigerians in hoping that we won't be looking to replace him in 4 years for incompetence and lack of progress.

Here's a look at my second day at the polls as I, and many others, finally got to vote.

Let's hope those who chose GMB (soon to be PMB) don't end up regretting their choice!!

Now that Presidential Elections are out of the way, we have a couple of days left for the Governorship & State Houses of Assembly elections. Many have their eyes on Lagos, as the country's commercial capital, as well as many other states like Oyo State, where bitter battles have been waged.

If Social Media is to be believed, there could be a few upsets, even in Lagos, where the PDP candidate Jimi Agbaje is a favorite of many. Rivers State is a serious battleground as well, and I'm personally interested to see whether or not the state will vote in a new Governor, or give the incumbent another chance.

Who are you rooting for?