Hi everyone! In one of my latest articles for Accelerate TV, I talk about the events culture in Lagos in "Anatomy of a Lagos Red Carpet Event"

Here's an excerpt:

No week goes by; in fact, no DAY goes by without something happening. If it’s not a store opening, it’s a new club or swanky hot-spot re-launching, a product showcase, an exclusive members-only spot having an “intimate” experience, or some other event going on. And of course, as an attendee, you must show that you deserve to be there, as per “one of the cool kids.” This is LAGOS!!

As ‘extra’ as it may seem for us mere mortals, it’s the norm for socialites and celebs who just *have* to be seen at every event. Why do they have to be seen, you ask? Because where there’s an event, there’s a red carpet, and where there’s a red carpet, there’s the blogs, and where there are blogs, there are eyeballs, which translates to popularity (the good or bad kind, some people don’t care which), which can translate to the main thing: Money.

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