In another Accelerate TV article, I chime in on different places and ways to have fun in Lagos that are a little bit atypical, because let's face it, sometimes you get a little tired of doing the same thing all the time, am I right?

Here's an excerpt:

It’s easy to think that Lagos is mostly glitz, glam and superficiality, and that the only things that make this place go around are fancy dinners and events, hotspots and ‘It girls/guys.’

I know I certainly used to.

But there’s another side of Lagos if you want to have a different kind of fun; a side that’s not all about the flash, the designer outfits, the same kinds of clubs filled with the same kinds of people, and same kind of music (I will write one day about my annoyance with this blanket “Afrobeats” term, but let me save it for another day).

Read the rest of the article here.

Please share your "other side" of Lagos, or interesting places and events that you like experiencing.