In my latest article for Accelerate TV, I talk about what's been going on with the chronic petrol shortage that practically crippled the nation recently, and is still not quite over, aka the #Petrocalypse, as some Nigerians have been calling it.

Here's an excerpt:

Lagos is hilarious. And by hilarious, I mean frustrating and rage-inducing.  At least recently, as I know many may agree.

Humor me here for a second: If the past few weeks with all the fuel struggles in Nigeria haven’t affected you, then I hail you. Please select your preferred hailing here: Tuale/You’re the real MVP/I bow/Chairman/MAMA!!!!

This fuel scarcity has humbled almost everyone I know. If you (or if you’re fortunate, your probably sleep-deprived driver/maiguard/assistant) haven’t had to queue up for hours, only to get to the front of the line and get turned away, or you haven’t struggled with all manner of miscreants just for a few precious liters, then you, my friend, are blessed among men!

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How did you survive the #Petrocalypse? What say you?

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