Since around this time, people are starting to compile their "New Year, New Me" lists and aspirations, here's a suggestion for us all: Judge less, think more.

I often say one of the things that frustrate me most about people, especially in Nigeria, is our lack of consideration and compassion. We seem to find it hard to think about what the other person (or group of people) may be going through or what battles they're fighting. It is now second nature to instantly stick a label on someone based on whatever prejudices we have.

Carl Jung.png

In this day and age, unlearning all the harmful nonsense that's been implanted in our psyche is incredibly important. Going along with groupthink instead of critically thinking about issues or people is to our own detriment. So this new week, pause, take a second, and exercise the brain you've been given. You're doing a lot of people, experiences and things a disservice when you don't. So let this be part of a Newer you. Trust me, life's a lot better when you don't spend so much time on a lofty high-horse. 

Merry Christmas once again, God bless you, and have a great week, y'all!