Here we are, four months into a not so new year, and the "what have you achieved?" and "Q1 recaps" are probably somewhere hovering around the brain.

I struggle with the way success is seen these days. Of course, there's the obvious; being good at something and being recognized seems to be a basic benchmark. But I worry that we don't often count the triumphs of every day, and the small victories that creep up on us, but that over time, we worked hard to build and have been able to sustain. It's the big things we give our attention to, and while they are worthy of celebration, I think we give those things too much credit, and let them define us.

Our definition of success, especially for millenials, can be very flashy and showy, and while those things are fun and cool (I won't lie - I want to have expensive gadgets and cool toys too!), they can also be fleeting, so don't let the pursuit and attainment of those be the only way you feel you've been successful. And don't ever think the people who have those things are better than you.