Don't call it a comeback!

Yeah, I know I've been gone more than a minute. Sometimes you need to take a break and then come back, right? Right. Onwards...

I was honored to be asked to participate in the Ask Series, organized by the folks at Belfry Africa at The Waterside Hotel in Ikoyi. It's a small, intimate event, where people can come and listening to the guest (me, in this instance) share their story, and get a chance to ask any questions about their journey, and whatever else they'd like to know.  There's also usually specific topics to help guide the conversation. Mine was "Personal Self vs Public Face: Finding a balance," and while we strayed a bit from the topic, I really enjoyed being able to share what my journey has been, what makes me tick, what my future plans are, how I deal with "industry" and much more.

Here are some pictures from the event, all shot by @BadManTej

This might seem a little vain, but I really enjoyed talking about myself, maybe because I spoke, I remembered things I hadn't thought about it a long while, and thought about things I probably had been avoiding :) My fellow Media Lady Toyosi Phillips was the moderator, and she did a really great job. It was a small but meaningful event, with colleagues and friends showing up to support.

I'm working on the videos from the event and will update this post or add another once I'm done with it. I welcome more questions if you have them (post them in the comments).


  • The Place: Waterside Ikoyi - Westwood Hotel, 22, Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos
  • The Photos - Shot by Tobi Tejumola (@BadmanTej)
  • The Dress: Jayda Woman
  • The Makeup - Maureen O (@BronzyPro)

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