Fun fact: My first ever "Travel with me" video diary (aka Vlog) was after a 6 day trip to Rwanda in 2014, when I went around the country and fell in love with it. 

I just got back from Kigali a few days ago, visiting some of the same places, but also seeing different ones, and it is still charming. The views still take my breath away. The stories still captivate me, and the people are just amazing. This continues to be one of Africa's success stories, with tourism, with agriculture and of course, their post-genocide development. 

I look forward to going back again, for gorilla tracking, a closer look at the Volcanoes (not the active ones, I don't have a death wish 😂) and a taste of the Rwandan nightlife. 

Of course I'm working on another video diary for this trip, but I still have two Morocco Travel Vlogs to do, then Rwanda 2017 is next! In the meantime, revisit my first video in my #TravelWithMe series, the place where it all started - Rwanda.  

And my most recent Vlog about my trip to the US, where I pulled off an epic family surprise!  

Any fellow Rwanda visitors? Have you gone tracking? If you haven't been, would you like to? 

As always, thank you for reading and watching, and please like, share, comment, and of curse, subscribe here and on Youtube! I appreciate ya!