It's amazing how time flies by! A new month is here, and I'm not sure where January and February flew so far and fast to! I find myself, in the midst of work and the day to day stuff, looking forward to new experiences and new opportunities, and hoping that the Universe somehow conspires to make it happen, and soon. 

But while I do that, and think of how to engage my wanderlust without emptying my life savings, I love to reminisce on the last trip I took. It's been a while, but I wanted to share with you a couple of highlights from my last trip out of Nigeria. The first was a trip to California, to spend time with family and my favorite furry friend. While there, we decided to drive a couple of hours away to San Clemente Pier and walk by the beach. It was beautiful. Sadly, it rained the whole time, and so we couldn't do as much as we liked. Then it was off to Dallas, where one of my favorite Sorority sisters was getting married. It was truly a memorable trip, not only because of time spent with family and friends, but because on my way back to Lagos, I was in transit through Heathrow as the results of the U.S election were confirmed and spreading like wildfire. It was definitely a sight to see, and an unforgettable trip.

Without further ado, here's my Travel Story!

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