Hello, friends!

I know it’s been a long time, and *cue Aaliyah beat* I shouldn’ta left you (and so on…), but well, life.

Here are a few updates: Filmed a new show airing on Channels TV (which was my actually the first place I actually worked when I moved back to Nigeria). It brings together things I love: God and getting to know people and their stories. The show is called Church Culture, it airs every Saturday at 1pm, and is all about the intersection between the church as we know it, and our everyday lives and issues. We had some really great conversations, and I was definitely on my toes, what with all the bible verses and interesting opinions being shared. If you’ve caught it, let me know, if not, here’s a clip so you can see what we’re about...

I also got to work with CNN, which was a really interesting experience. I did some freelance production work for them on their Africa features, producing one episode of Marketplace Africa, The Profit Point and African Voices. I also did a little bit of work on Inside Africa, to tie up some loose ends and get extra footage. It was all quite hectic, but such a great learning experience in many ways. I remember as a young journalism student, one of my goals was to work at CNN. A few years ago, I came extremely close, but it didn’t pan out. Third time’s the charm, I guess?? The story hasn’t been posted online yet, but I’ll update the link riiiight here when it is. Here’s a screen grab of the business stories we filmed.


I also have hosted some events, one of my favorites being a free workshop for FemFunds, for whom I also did an informational video, which you can see here (CLICK):

Femfunds Workshop selfie with my panelists

Femfunds Workshop selfie with my panelists


In other news, I have some new family members who have joined the clan recently, which is always a thing of joy. Also, lots of great triumphs for my friends (who are like family) in their own lives - new businesses, new achievements, lots of small steps towards big dreams.

I’ve also been trying to make big dreams of my own happen. It’s been difficult, and I am often frustrated, tired, and sometimes quite melancholy, but that’s part of the journey and the happy bits are made all the more happy because it means, at least for a while, that you triumphed over the not so good bits. And that’s the best kinda victory to savor.

I’m AGHAST that Christmas is basically here again, and as is always the case, we’re all wondering how the year is already gone, with some of us (guilty as charged) wondering what the heck we really did this year. But I think I made some good strides, and I’m focusing on those and working on building, bit by bit, brick by brick.

How are you planning to round up your year and rock into 2019? Please share! Also, just leave a comment letting me know what you’ve been up to as well, so that we can celebrate each other! Thanks for reading, and please do comment, like, share, and if you haven’t already, sign up for my newsletter. Great things, they are a-coming!