Is it me, or is anything Chimamanda Adichie says often misconstrued and wielded as an example of "oh ye badly behaved Nigerian feminists"? Especially when we’re on the Naija corner of any Social Media platform. I don't need any particular reason, but I thought it was a good time to dust off this draft and share it for a QOTD!

Not that we ever see her failures, or that she shares them with the public at large, but I feel like CNA is always imparting lessons, be they in fashion (have you seen her instagram? Too cool), in the art of VERY smart put-downs to those who dare to come for her, or just in life. 


As someone who fails often, whether perceived or real (isn't that half the battle?), I have realized that a lot of the lessons I've learned from those "failures" are more character building than the "easy" successes - the gag is, success is often not easy, but the fact that you're rewarded for the time and effort you put in usually makes it all worth it.

But when you try so hard and it doesn't work out, it can take something from you. And after a few times, it can take from you the will to even try again. This is a battle I've fought often. Many times I have refused to look for the lesson and use it to do better next time. And then, more often than not, I'll see someone else succeed at the very thing I didn't want to try. 

If you decide not to try, let it be because, truly, the idea won't work (yet), or the environment isn't ready for it, or because you haven't yet built a team that'll help you. These things are valid. Don't go sailing into things without preparation all in the name of "but I'm trying!" - You still need some sort of plan. Take your time, fortify yourself and then try it again, or try something else for the first time. And while you're at it, keep track of the small wins. Failure is rarely total. There are the good gems in the picture. Recognising and remembering them helps if things don't quite go as you wish they would. 

I hope this QOTD has helped you in some way, Chimamanda fan or not 😝! What advice do you have for people who are scared to try again ? How do you deal with failure? Please comment, share, and like! 

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*Profile Image: Chimamanda’s Instagram Page