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I wrote this post on the Accelerate TV website about 10 months ago, when we had a fuel scarcity. I am beyond upset that this is now our reality. Everyone, everywhere is affected. The long queues causing horrible traffic as they stretch longer and longer by the day, blocking entrances/exits, taking up precious road space. And if you've ever been in Lagos, you know many of us already think of road rules as those funny things we don't need to obey. *I'm not even joking*

Here are a few of my favorite bits that are still (very sadly) our reality: 

This fuel scarcity has humbled almost everyone I know. If you (or if you’re fortunate, your now probably sleep-deprived driver/maigaurd/assistant) haven’t had to queue up for hours, only to get to the front of the line and get turned away, or you haven’t struggled with all manner of miscreants just for a few precious liters, then you, my friend, are blessed among men!

A full tank is now like liquid gold. You’re better off sending "the boo" 50 liters of petrol! Every journey has become precarious, and the anger hotter than the hottest Lagos sun [is being] unleashed onto anyone who causes a friend or business partner to waste precious liters on a whim, a postponed meeting, or a useless transaction. 

But here is where I was wrong, you guys:

"In my 8 or 9 years back in Lagos, this is the worst fuel scarcity I’ve experienced. I honestly can’t ever remember any scarcity being this drawn out and awful."

I stand corrected. THIS is now the worst scarcity I've experienced. If you don't have a petrol "connect" or someone to do the tedious queuing up for you, #wahala. I was in a queue for 3 hours the other and didn't budge more than 3 or 4 feet. And STILL got no petrol. At this point, the gifts I want are no longer the kinds of gifts I can put on my Amazon wishlist. BRING ME KEGS ON KEGS ON KEGS. 25 Litres, 10, litres, 50 if you're feeling real kind. No shame in my game, man.

I don't want to get into the politics of it all. Ibe Kachikwu (Minister of State for Petroleum & MD of NNPC), who caught flack for some poorly chosen words, is now saying what we HOPE is true. There's also President Buhari, whose habit of not speaking to Nigerians about all the things going wrong is at the very least, annoying and worrisome. I think we're all tired. 

I'm definitely not as happy now as I was in this picture :( (taken in Feb 2015)

I'm definitely not as happy now as I was in this picture :( (taken in Feb 2015)

I hope I won't be sharing Part 3 of this article any time soon. In the meantime, anyone who has KEGS ON KEGS for me, let me know. I'm accepting every liter :) 

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