I kinda love cheesy titles :)

As Monday was a public holiday in Nigeria, I spent the day at the GTB Food and Drink Fair, attending a bunch of masterclasses and roaming around eating many many things in sight. Bliss! 

I attended a bunch of the masterclasses throughout the day, and my faves were Uzo Orimalade, Chef Alex Oke, Chef Raphael Duntoye, and the Afrolems vs 1QFoodPlatter showdown. I am now in love with Chef Alex's pastries, and I will have to visit Le Petit Maison when I go to London (exchange rate, chill first though) to eat more of Chef Raphael's food.

Because it was so hot outside, I stayed indoors most of the day. I wasn't trying to melt into a puddle, lol! Hope you enjoy the pictures!! 

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