A long overdue post, and I apologize!! I have been all over the place recently, and here's what 've been up to. I'll give you the highlights for each month, shall I? 

JULY: A very Google week: From an intimate dinner for select friends of the house, to a 2 day YouTube Creator workshop, to a culture and arts night, all culminating in a final conference day where several head honchos came to share the products, services and other improvements Google plans to launch, or has just launched for/in Nigeria, it was a simultaneously exhausting, inspiring and educational experience that I would definitely not give up for the world. Sadly, I missed the CEO Sundar's speech, as I had to leave to moderate a panel at a conference nearby, but after going back, I caught some other interesting panels and discussions, including a one on one with Bring Back Our Girls co-convener, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, aka 'Aunty Oby.'

Anyways, enough reading! Please watch my week of activities squeezed into 5 minutes. Applause compulsory! :) :P And please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Sooo...what did you think? Are you intrigued? Do you think this was a useful exercise, and would you want to take part in similar activities in the future?

AUGUST: Aka my birthday month!! Between shooting my new TV show for Ebonylife TV (Yup, coming soon!!), which I'm producing, writing for and presenting, hosting a couple of events, and of course, my birthday, which was amazing, it was a pretty busy month. I also went to Badagry twice; once as a panelist for a MacArthur foundation bootcamp for journalists, and the second time, for the Diaspora Festival. Here are some of my favorite moments in pictures and video! Enjoy :)

My Badagry Trip

My Second Badagry Trip: Diaspora Festival Vlog

The Diaspora Festival was probably the most eye-opening experience I had. The emotions the returnees had, and the connection they felt, made me curious about the way people from other cultures, especially those who have history rooted in slavery, often feel; like something is missing, despite the fact that they have built their lives in a place, and have family there. i guess it's not something people can understand unless they're in those shoes. What do you think about the people who don't feel that their "home" is truly home for them? 

in conclusion, in addition to the minutiae of daily life, it has been pretty busy on all fronts! I hope you've enjoyed this bumper post, thanks for catching up and staying along with me, I TRULY appreciate it. Don't forget to share, like, comment, let me know what you think! And if you haven't subscribed...what are you waiting for?? :)