Regrets are normal. So is guilt. But so is gratitude, anticipation, contentment, peace of mind, excitement. The things that tip the scales over from bad to good, or sadness to happiness should be your priority. 

When you're struggling with the feelings that make life tougher to get through, take actions to inject a bit of something good. When I think about the darkest periods in my life, during which I was consistently low, I remember allowing life to happen to me, in a sense. At least to some extent. But when I compare that with times when I was proactive about looking for solutions, or making sure I went out of my way to inject positivity into my life, I see, in hindsight, a real difference in how never-ending it seemed to be at the time . I'm trying to live as happily as I can, even though life doesn't always conspire to give me what I want. It never does, so we may as well make it count, for our own good.

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