I finally finished editing the second part of my Moroccan adventure. I tried to make it 5 minutes, but couldn't. It was so much fun remembering everything as I edited, but I also remember being in the the bus to and from the desert for hours on end, and how travel weary we all were. I remember savage cats fighting over our leftovers, I remember aching booty and thighs after almost 2 hours on a camel, and I remember actually being so frustrated I couldn't find good food after 4 hours on the road that I actually shed a tear, lol! That said, it was still a fantastic experience. Not necessarily one I'd repeat (the desert trip), but an experience worth having nonetheless.

Anyway, enough of my own gist. Here's the video. I hope you love it as much as I loved putting it together.

If you've been to Morocco, let me know what you think of the vlogs, and if you went to the desert, I'd especially like to know how you felt about the experience. Any recs for next time would be great too, because I'm definitely going back. 

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