Just keep working. Keep moving. Keep learning.

There have always, and will probably always be limits placed on you as a person because you are: a woman, a man, a father, a mother, visually/physically impaired, or because of your age, your looks, your size. You name it, there's someone somewhere ready to size you up and immediately judge your abilities on some aspect. It sucks. It happens a lot. It happens everywhere.

You know what your job is? DO THE WORK. They can never deny the work, if the work is great. I have let it cripple my confidence and affect the quality of my work in the past, and I know several others have done the same, but let me tell you that when you do the work, even the people you never thought would notice, will. Doors will open, opportunities will come, and the doubters will rethink their impressions, even if they never tell you so. Wanna make a bet? I'll win it :)

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P.S: Is anyone else an Ava DuVernay fangirl like me? :) Love her!!