I don't know about you, but before anyone has had the chance to say "Oh, Lamide, you did this wrong," I've often already carried the biggest (metaphorical) stick and walloped myself with it.

I am my own biggest critic.png

Truth is, it's easier to be down on yourself and focus on the mistakes you've made.  Personally, It's the things I tried and failed at that bug me the most, and the wrong choices I made that sometimes keep me up at night. But each time I think of the things I'd take back, I realize that along that path there was some sort of added knowledge; at the very least, making mistakes mean we don't do the same things over and over again (at least I hope not). 

Make this week the week you focus less on regrets and more on lesson and positive actions. Each time you criticize yourself, quickly think of 3 things that are good about your self. Write them down if you can, or tweet, instagram, whatever. You're your lifelong partner, so be more a cheerleader than a critic. Have a fab one!

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