As great as your faith is in God, or Allah, or the higher being in whom you place your trust, you have to grind sometimes. To chase, to aspire, to work towards the dream.

It is rare to have EVERYTHING lined up for you. Even if you're lucky to be in the right place at the right time, that won't be your story ALL the time. So for those blessings to rain down, outline your thoughts and ideas, talk to the people who can help you, ASK FOR HELP and be accountable to someone, somewhere. Make fewer excuses and don't lose hope when something doesn't work. There's always another way. I say this to myself as I say this to you, because there are many blessings I am not chasing down strongly enough.

Let this be a week where you HUNT, CHASE, and TRIUMPH! Let me know how it goes, and all the best to all of us!!

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