Happy Worker's Day, y'all! Hope you're enjoying a day off. 

This quote is from Mwende Ngaoa Kenyan Creative Entrepreneur & Writer I follow on twitter (@mwendesusu). I favorited it when she tweeted it a while ago, because I feel like as a woman, especially in Africa, where culture has been 'tweaked' over the years to mean willfully and cruelly stamping out individuality/independence, this rings true.

It also rings true for a society which places strict rules on men and the way they should express themselves, and can be ruthless when people come up with innovations the old guard doesn't understand.

We have a long way to go, but one way to keep plugging towards the goal is to keep shining anyway. If they're not trying to support, blind them with the light, enough so they can get the heck out of the way. End of story.

Have an awesome, shiny week, everyone!

P.S: Is anyone else resisting the urge to burst into song right now? Who knew Rihanna lyrics would go hand in hand with a lil' Monday Motivation, right? :)