I hate not being perfect. When people say being perfect is boring, I'm like "well let me try it first, because feeling like you're not getting things right is not fun either"

But in my moments of clarity, when frustration hasn't gotten the best of me, I get it.


There is nothing that is 100% right, or good, or fun, or lovely, 100% of the time. Not on this earth. And when things have a little character, a little scratch or bruise or a healed-over scar, it's proof that they've come through something, and overcome. It's proof that not being perfect means you feel, you can empathize, you have known pain, and you've come out on the other side.

So this week, look for the imperfections and see how you can make them work for you, whether by intentionally working on them, looking at them to see how to make them work for you, or if you can't do that, just decide not to deride yourself over them continuously.

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