Happy New Year, y'all!! 2018 certainly arrived with a bang, and I pray it is an amazing one for us all.


I'm not saying don't chase your passion, or don't fulfill what you feel is your purpose, but  these days, when it seems like everyone else has it all figured out, everyone else knows exactly what they were born to do, and everyone else is doing so much better than you, it's easy to just want to figure it all out at once and get to whatever the destination is. But that's BS. We're ALL still figuring things out, bit by bit, but to paraphrase a Steven Furtick sermon I listened to recently, if you focus on what you don't (yet) have or know, you magnify it in your mind until that's ALL you see or think about. Don't do that to yourself. No one has just one passion or purpose. So while they come and go, live, enjoy, and flourish. Choose happiness this year, as much as you can. Be intentional about appreciating and enjoying the little things while still figuring out the big picture.

This is my advice to me and to you this new year! I hope you're with me :) Have a wonderful 2018!