Social media is simultaneously the best and worst thing. It amplifies the bigots, sexists, racists and the ignorant. And often, those seem to be the loudest voices.

It's also a good space to expand the mind and broaden one's views, which is what I love most. Nelson Mandela said this when there was no twitter or facebook, but applying it to the world today, I'd say there are a LOT of people who need to understand how to engage sensibly with those who don't share their opinion. We don't all have to be traditional, or pro-choice, or pro-life, or support the LGBT community, or support a particular political party in order to co-exist . The beauty of life is in our differences and handling them with some (common) sense, intelligence and agreeing to disagree. It is a smart individual who has the ability to handle opposing points of view. 

We'll always come across those who disagree with us, and sometimes we're the ones with the unpopular opinion. But employ wisdom; not every opinion should be aired, and if/when aired, give room for your opinion to change and/or evolve.

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