These days it seems storms are never far away. From Benue, to the Niger Delta, to attacks from Boko Haram, issues with IDPs, this economic downturn that's hitting most, if not all Nigerians, to police brutality and gun violence in the USA, Trump, terrorism in France, Syria, and so many other tragedies going on, it's almost as though there's no respite from bad news.

When the default state is a mix of frustration, sadness, anger, and hopelessness in the face of all the bad news hurtling in, what do we do?

I legit don't have the answers. But really, what can we do but just keep going, right? Life keeps happening whether we like it or not, whether it's good news or not, so burying your head in the sand and  pretending won't work (I tried that already); so if you don't want life to happen to you, you gotta push through, muster up some kinda energy, whether it's powered by faith, hope, or just plain defiance, and keep on going. 

Wishing you a kick-ass week!!

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