Hey y'all!! Have you stopped saying/writing down 2017? How's the first week of this new year been for you? Share in the comments! Ok, on to the QOTD!

I hate clichés. Especially those ones that are like "feel the fear and do it anyway" or "every thing you want is on the other side of fear." They irk me beyond belief. Which is why I hate that they're also true.   😩


What helps me is breaking the task down to tiny pieces. I'm almost always scared when I'm doing things. But if I'm, for example, hosting a show, I break it down to the most minute thing and then take it from there. That might be as simple as writing down what I want to say and practicing it. Or researching the topic of discussion until I feel confident that I won't sound like an idiot when discussing it. Then I move to the next thing. And then the next. 

The fear comes from a real place. But the only way to get over things is to go through them. So unless you want to spend life never feeling the delicious triumph of kicking the ass of something you never thought you'd be able to conquer (and it is SUCH a dope feeling), you just have to muster up a bit of grit, encourage yourself and move. Move into a better place this week, and kick butt! 

Do you have any tips that help you deal with fear? Please share in the comments if you do! Hope this helps someone. Y'all have a great week.