Sometimes we look at people and wonder why when we try to follow their blueprint, it doesn't work. Sometimes it's processes or systems that have worked for other things that end up a mess when we try them. It all kinda sucks

But if we learn to tweak here or there, or look at these people and processes, and pieces of advice as more of a rough draft of a plan WE can implement, it serves us much better. Too often we (or others) tell ourselves "oh look at so and so, they did it, they don't have two heads abi? Oya let me try." As much as hard work is and will almost always be the foundation, I think that for every person that inspires, every piece of advice given, every method used that we admire, we should have at the back of our minds the fact that nothing is ever set in stone.

So get to tweaking and adapting, and make your own blueprint this week and beyond. Let me know how it goes!! 

*Thumbnail Image by Caleb Goessens

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