I was gonna make the title of this "A September to Remember" but I'm trying not to be too cheesy.  I'm luring you in with other means. I was blessed enough to be gifted a ticket to see my family in the US for a few days, and I scored an AMAZING deal on a group trip to Morocco, which I've been wanting to visit for at least 2 years, so September was basically a whirlwind of jet-lag, travel and JOY!

I was in the States, where I pulled off one heck of a surprise on a couple of family members who had ZERO idea I was coming, then came back to Lagos for a day, before heading to Morocco for 6 days, packing in a 3 day trip to and from the desert, riding camels and seeing amazing sights, wandering around Marrakech and eating a LOT of tajines! It was honestly a beautiful experience. It'll take me time to edit both vlogs, so here are some of my favorite pictures and a trailer to whet your appetite!!

Let me know if you like it, what you'd like to see or find out the most about my trips so I can make sure I include it in the videos! If you've been to Morocco, please share in the comments as well and tell me what you did and what your experience was like. I'm looking forward to hearing from you all 😊