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QOTD: Letting life cut you open

Who told you to dare be less than what you were made to be? I already know the answer. Life, right? Yeah, it's done it to me, too. It's done it to a lot of us. Being your real, full self sometimes takes a lot more courage than we think we have, but even if it takes baby steps, like saying No to something or someone once, or deciding to tell someone the truth about your feelings and thoughts, then do that. The longer we cling to ideas, things or people that don't help us move forward, the more harm we do ourselves in the long run. It's a brand new month, and the year is coming to an end. Do yourself this favor, and let go. Growth is never a bad thing. 


Remember this; being honest and true to yourself should be your priority. Be the best version of yourself you can be; everyone else will be just fine.

As much as I'm talking to you, I'm talking to myself! Am I right or am I right? Let me know what you think in the comment box, y'all! Till next time.