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QOTD: Rejoice in imperfections

I hate not being perfect. When people say being perfect is boring, I'm like "well let me try it first, because feeling like you're not getting things right is not fun either"

But in my moments of clarity, when frustration hasn't gotten the best of me, I get it.

There is nothing that is 100% right, or good, or fun, or lovely, 100% of the time. Not on this earth



QOTD: What happened, happened

I love this quote, because as we get to the end of 2017, this is one of the things I realize I already know, but have to relearn and be reminded of. In not letting go of the mistakes we've made and in attaching our self-worth or value to things that haven't gone perfectly, we do ourselves a huge disservice. It's no fun being perfect, anyway, so why are we killing ourselves to do it?


Whether the Universe, God, or whichever higher power we choose to believe in has seen it fit to shake you up and shift you around, believe that that shift is just redirection. Don't mope too long; keep moving. 

Have an amazing week! Do you have any (counter)advice on this? Let us know in the comments :)