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Blowing off the cobwebs


Blowing off the cobwebs

I won't even say it.

Ok, yes I will 


I'm Sorry.  

Not much to say other than between the lack of inspiration, "real life" crowding out other things, procrastination and just plain ol' pressure, I haven't done better. And I actually think that moving forward, what's important is that when I *do* show up on here, it's with something that's worth it, and that comes from a place that genuine, not a task that I feel forced to do.

 But then again, being a responsible adult is doing what you need to do even when you don't feel like it, yes? So where's the balance? What do you think? Where is your stance on this topic? I'd be interested to hear it, if you'd like to share in the comments below.

I'm sort of conflicted about Nigeria, where it's going, and what my place is here anymore. Trying to build a business while dealing with impostor syndrome, a system that doesn't truly make sense, and the need to juggle personal values and integrity with crooked lines (and people) is another part of why I've been absent. It must be great for the people who have it all figured out! If you're one of them, send me the magic pill. If not, let me know how you're dealing, especially if you're in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world, really. We all have similar struggles, I think. Not talking about them makes them seem a lot more insurmountable.

 This is a free-wheeling post that I didn't truly plan, but wanted to share what's been going on. We'll be back to a more structured approach soon. Thanks for bearing with me. My analytics show me that you guys still check up on me and it is so appreciated! Thank you.

Ok, so leave me some words in the comments about what's been up with you, and I'll see you around here real soon! ❤️