Timing is one of the trickiest things in life, because you're almost never sure of it. Well, except every 4 years, when you're sure you're gonna have a leap year, like we just did! :)

I got my dream job recently. But I got it at the wrong time, which resulted in it being taken away, so believe me when I tell you I've lived this quote - many times. Definitely a hard life lesson for me, but as many people have told me "it just wasn't the right time." The tough thing is accepting it and forging ahead, but doing your part is key; work hard, make sure people know what you're working hard on (this part is one of my weaknesses) and do it well, while also trying to develop new skills and paths for yourself. I don't have all the answers, but as DJ Khaled says: 'Major Key' :)

Have an awesome week, and share your stories and thoughts with me in the comments, and of course, read, share, and come back soon!