Ooh, it's a Leap Year! I feel like it's such a fun day :) Ok, on to today's #QOTD

Despite our best efforts to control it, Life often does whatever the heck it wants to, so why not just sometimes go with it?

Please don't say Lamide told you to be reckless and leap off the Third Mainland Bridge or go scuba diving in Makoko o, please! What I mean is this; despite our very best efforts to survive in an often frenetic world, life will still happen. People will still annoy you, office politics will rear its ugly head; traffic will still make you a little loopy and any number of unseen issues will crop up! So, instead of trying even harder to control every little factor, sometimes just give in to life and see where the road less traveled will take you. You never know what you'll find, what you'll learn, and how it'll change you! 

Approach this week as an adventure, and grab it by the you know what! All the best :)

Please share in the comments what adventures you've been on lately, wish you could go on, or wish you never tried!